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Pointy Stakes is undergoing a massive overhaul due to post-hacking inertia. I'm not up to re-creating it at the levels of detail that used to be here, but do have the fic, vids and recs back up. I may get the gallery re-created eventually.


My fanfic (Buffyverse as well as other fandoms) now lives at the Archive of Our Own.

All stories, alpha by title. Once you get there, you can also filter them by fandom, pairing, and other factors using AO3's lovely tools on the right side of the page.


James (All fic co-written with James, alpha by title.)
Wolfling (All fic co-written with Wolfling, alpha by title.)


All Buffyverse stories, alpha by title.
All Merlin stories, alpha by title.

Other Fandoms: The only way to search for "All stories not Buffyverse or Merlin" at this time is to go to the all stories link, then use the filters on the right side of the page to narrow it down by fandom.)


Direct links to the pages for fic series, so you don't have to go sorting through a bazillion stories. Or 126, whatever.

Other Stuffs

Vids: One-Layer Cake Productions (multi-fandom, including Buffyverse, Merlin, and films)

Recs: (Oh, so very old. Spike/Xander, S/X/other, and Buffyverse fics with a spanking kink)


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