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Feb, 2002 April 2003: Yes, everything here still holds true.

Hey, all. For those who've been following Chocolatey Goodness, either on nummytreats or at the website, you've probably noticed there hasn't been an update since October.

This doesn't mean I haven't been working on it. On the contrary, it means I've been working on it, and working on it... and opening up the file and trashing half of what I've written and starting over in a new POV... and closing the file and avoiding it for days and feeling guilty for writing on anything else... And just generally making myself crazy(er).

So, there it sits. Chapter 17-F is the last posted one. It's going to be the last published one, for a while. Yes, the plotline isn't wrapped up. Yes, there are questions still unanswered. Yes, I fully intend to finish chapter 17. To reveal what the bad guy (tm) was up to, and let Spike and Xander get on with figuring out what dolts they've been. And yes, I have tentative plans for the rest of the series. But as of now, it's on indefinite hiatus.

That doesn't mean it will never be finished -- it means, I don't know when it'll be finished. Don't know when I'll be able to write on it again with a clear head -- but I do know that once I say this, it won't be hanging over me. I won't be hating something I love, because I feel obligated to write on it, and it's not working. Because I feel guilty for working on anything else. I'm putting it aside for a while. Formally, officially putting it aside, instead of just telling people I'm working on it, and showing them snippets, and never posting anything. I'm hoping that will make it easier, both to work on other things, and to pick CG up again, when it feels right -- because there won't be this huge pressure that, yes, is probably all in my head, that I *must* finish CG before I can do anything else.

It's a story that I care about, and I don't want it to become something I hate, because I'm having so many problems with it. So, for a while, I'm letting go. I realize that may be frustrating for anyone trying to follow it, and I'm sorry for that; I know how annoying it is for me, when I'm reading a series and the story just suddenly stops, and I don't know how long I'll have to wait for more. I'm glad that you liked it enough to have hung in this long, if you did. There'll be more - I intend for there to be more. I just don't know when, and I think it would do the story and anyone who likes it a disservice to try to push something out when it really isn't ready. If I'm not happy with it, I have no intention of posting it; why would I suggest that anyone read something I don't like, myself?

That's really all I had to say, I think. CG will still be up at its site, and when there's something new, I'll post it to the same places it's been posted to before: nummytreats, my site. Thanks for your patience, and the kind words I've had from so many people while I've been writing this series. I'm *still* writing the series -- I'm just finally officially admitting that I'm not writing it right *now*.

cheers, Amy