Updated October 24th, 2001, with part 17-F. [Announcement]

NC-17 rated M/M slash. Turn back now, ye of less than legal age.

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The Stories

  1. Count Spikeula    Rated PG-13

  2. Peanut Butter And...    Rated PG-13

  3. Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut     Rated R

  4. The Peanut Butter War    Rated NC-17

  5. Sunday Funnies    Rated NC-17

  6. Scooby Snacks    Rated NC-17

  7. Jeopardy    Rated NC-17

  8. Pillow Talking    Rated NC-17 overall

  9. Homeless?    Rated NC-17

  10. A Ritual Sacrifice, With Pie    Rated R

  11. Friends and Family    Rated NC-17

  12. Dark Hours    Rated R

  13. Talking to Him     Rated R

  14. Vampire Brownies     Rated NC-17

  15. Chocolate Oranges     Rated NC-17

  16. Conventional Relationships     Rated R

  17. Pillow Fighting    Rated NC-17 overall

Announcement -- Chocolatey Goodness is officially on hiatus, as of February 2002.

Until... well, until it starts working again. It's still to be continued in Part 17-G; I'm just taking a break from it before it makes me crazier than usual. For the longer version of this announcement, go here.

So... Chocolatey Goodness...

Xander. Spike. Chocolate. One neurotic human with dark eyes and no self-esteem, one psychotic vampire with bleached hair and no self-control, falling in love. And lust. And possibly vats of chocolate sauce... It's okay to laugh. It's meant to be funny. (Sometimes.)

Begins in the summer between Seasons 4 and 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Seasons 1 and 2 of Angel, the Series. Hopefully will catch up with Season 5, albeit an AU S5, obviously.


Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy Productions own all Buffy-related characters and history, and any products mentioned in these pages are copyrighted by their various manufacturers. Where possible, if song lyrics or literary works are quoted, I've tried to include the source/artist/author in the text somehow. If not, the attribution is at the bottom of the chapter page.

In other words, this is fan fiction, folks. Please don't file suit.

Ditto any photographs, manipulated or original. Copyright belongs to original photographers, studio, WB, etc.


Contains M/M romance and explicit descriptions of erotic acts. The individual parts are rated, even though the whole thing is NC-17 on principle, if that makes any sense. Meaning, I guess, if you're old enough to read NC-17 stuff, but don't particularly want to, you can skip those parts. God help you on figuring out the plot, though.

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