The Three's Company Edition: Come on. You know you want to dress them up in Hawaiian shirts and make them "pretend" to be gay so Mr. Roper won't kick them all out of the apartment... (Okay, so that logic only works if you squint. Your point?) Pervy polyamoury. Threesomes. Foursomes. Moresomes. (Traditional recommendations page is here, Buffyverse spankfics recs are here.)

All Boyz
Boyz and Girlz Together


Stranded by Michele. Rated R.
A short, strange, sexy circa-season-4 tale. Xander. Spike. Angel. Deserted island. When vampires start wanting to kiss him, Xander is sure he's either dreaming, or things are getting pretty damn weird. Except things are *always* weird around Xander, aren't they? This story always made me want to shake Michele gently, ply her with choccies, and get her to write the *sequel*, dagnabbit! (Thanks to Minitrog for reminding me of it.)

Last Men Standing by Maayan and Kita. Rated NC-17.
AU future, post Season 5. The final battle with Glory cost more lives than just Buffy's, in this world. Years later, two vampires spin painful circles around each other, bound by love and hate and barbed wire, until the final survivor walks back into their lives, and there's a chance for...something. If any of them are willing to take it. Not a happy tale, but gritty and painful and real.


Nothing But Blood by Pablo. Rated NC-17. Nonconsensual sex.
Wishverse. Nasty and evil and squirmily hot. Vamp!Xander gets assigned to babysit a certain peroxided guest of the Master's -- and they play with the Puppy. There's Vamp!Willow/Xander in here too, but she's not really part of the group fun, nor does she participate in actual smut, so this one stays on the slashy side of the page.


Triad by Mihreia. Rated NC-17.
Something of a guilty pleasure -- it's a WIP that I suspect isn't likely to be finished, it requires quite a bit of suspension of disbelief, might have benefited from a beta-reader in a few places, and it ends on a cliffhanger. Ouch, you say. But... call me shallow. I love this one anyway. Vamp!Xander stumbles from an AU-of-an-AU Wishverse where the Master is dead and the White Hats and vamps are still at war, into vaguely post-4th-season mainverse. Edgy and funny. Snark and sex and power politics between Spike and the two Xanders, in what is basically an extended PWP.


Spike's Boys and Spike's Boys II by Wordsmith. Rated NC-17.
I can't believe I forgot this one on the first go-round. Due to a little spell-kerfluffle of Willow's, the twin Xanders of The Replacement are back in business. When she tries to fix things, Spike gets in the way. Silly and fun, and more Spike(s) and Xander(s) than your little heart could desire. (I could have done without the Xanders being referred to as Suave-Xander and Sweet-Xander, but it didn't hold me back for long.)


Entra Mi Casa by Pablo. Rated NC-17.
PWP sequel to a Xander/Graham series, but can definitely be read on its own merits. Graham and Xander invite Spike over to their place to thank him for his help in said previous series. They have impressive ways of showing their gratitude.


The Education Series by Pet. Rated NC-17.
AU Season 5-ish. This is primarily a hot and humorous S/X love story (with much of the sweating and glistening), but includes multiple encounters with Devon/Oz, including a final free-for-all that heats up the house like nobody's business. Pet manages to give Devon a personality while still giving us the flaky rock-whore As Seen on TV (TM). Love her, please.


A Matter of Control (and its sequels) by Kay. Rated NC-17.
AU Season 4. The bite of a rather unique demon leaves Xander in a dangerous sexual predicament. Spike comes to his rescue, followed shortly by Angel and Doyle. Somehow, in the course of saving Xander's life, the four of them forge a bond that's much more permanent than just sex. (Though there's certainly plenty of that.)

Stranger Things by Esmeralda. NC-17.
AU Season 4. Xander needs rescuing, and only one thing will prove to the demons who've kidnapped him that he's not free for the taking. Spike and Xander's one-time deal becomes something more -- but when that pesky little chip becomes a problem, Spike has an interesting solution -- Angel. A youngish-written Xander for his actual age, but the sex is hot, the lurrve is sweet, and there's *lots* of it. One of the early pivotal S/X series, this also contains Spike/Angel, Spike/Angel/Xander, Angel/Doyle, and one heated encounter that blurs more boundaries than you can shake a pointy stick at. Esmeralda is currently working on a new story in the series.

Too Many To Count

Just The Guys and Just More Guys by Jae Kayelle. NC-17.
Sheer silly PWP fun in Giles' brand new bed. Theoretically Giles/Angel with a smidgen of Spike/Xander, the insanity soon becomes exponential and ridiculous, which is completely the point. By the end of the second story, almost every available non-evil male in the Buffyverse has joined the party. It is, to be archaic, a hoot.


Power Center by Saturn Girl. NC-17 overall.
S6, AU-ish. No, no, don't read this story first. Read the whole snarky, achey, sexy, brilliantly funny Power Struggles series, which is S/X right up to the end -- when Anya solves things with grace, intelligence and aplomb. Not to mention damn good taste.
Power Play | Power Struggle | Passion's Prisoner | Power Shift | Power Center

You've Got Spike by Michelle/Shelly. NC-17. WIP.
Near future. Yes, it's a work in progress, but... But, damn, it's worth reading. Hilarious (as is all of Michelle's fic) and hot and silly. Spike has moved in with Xander and Anya. Just because, you know, he needs a place to stay. And a phone to use. For his phone-sex job. Yeah. Like that. If you were Xander and Anya, and had to listen to him say those things to strangers, who don't deserve him and don't pay nearly enough for his company, wouldn't you want a Spike of your very own?

It's All My Fault by Nancy. R/NC-17.
(She rates it R - I'd say NC-17, but only because there's enough description for me to go 'guh'. YMMV.)
A sadly sweet Anya POV. Giving her lover what he needs most in the world, and slowly losing him because of it.

Absurd by Mcee. PG.
Xander and Anya take care of Spike after his torture at Glory's hands. It's a wee bit AU, but gentle and painful and heart-tugging.

Lest I be accused of...something. Misogyny? Not playing fair? I'd *love* to have more good S/X/female stories to rec. There just aren't many out there.

I have the same sort of Willow-Sue issues with the few S/X/W stories I've seen, as I do with plain old Spike/Willow stories -- she's not usually in character. Most of the characters aren't usually in character.

Spike/Xander/Drusilla... I'd love to see, done well. With a one "kitten" per story limit. I'm still waiting. (I considered offering Scorpio's "Kitten" as an exception to that, because at least it plays with the stereotype by offering a Xander who *is* catlike, when vamped - but it's unfinished, plus I'm queasy about non-Wishverse vamped Xander. If he came that way, fine, but I don't like watching our Xander become evil.)

And I don't think I've *ever* seen an S/X/Buffy story.

Amendment - I have, thanks to Rilja. I just didn't quite like it. It was something of an Any Two Guys PWP, with Buffy in the middle. Not badly written, just not particularly Spike or Xander, and Buffy was a bit off as well, though it felt more like her than it did the other two characters. Still looking...

Despite my sincere lack of interest in most Buffy/anyone romance, I'd read that, provided it was well-written. But much of the S/X writing community has a hate-on for Buffy, and it's hard enough to find stories that don't villify her, much less one where she's part of the action.

Hmm. If I knew an excellent writer who wrote B/X, and also wrote S/X.... *poke* and could be persuaded to write B/S/X without any of them getting killed.... *poke*

I believe I'll duck and run, now.

Oh, wait. Suggestions? Know of one I haven't read? E-mail me, by all means.

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