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Mostly Spike/Xander, because, as you might have noticed, I'm rather fond of that pairing. But there's also a bit of this and that, and some of the other.       [Current Recommendations]

Alexandria Brown

Oi! or Why Animal Planet and Whiskey Just Don't Mix. Rated R. Quick, silly not-quite-smut.

"Xander, mate, pet, luv, darlin', apple of my eye, blood of my heart, I really, truly think this is a bad idea."



Truth or Dare. Rated NC-17. Post 'Hell's Bells' AU. An extended -- and hilarious -- game of Truth or Dare between Xander, Spike and the Scoobies leads to a hell of a lot more than they bargained for. The characterisation for everyone here is excellent, and the dares are in turns amusing, touching, and hot.

Dawn hadn't missed the conversation and looked delighted with the turn of events. "Hey, no tag team dancing! Cool. If you wanna bug me you'll have to dance with each other." She had obviously been paying far too much attention to Spike when she was younger; she had his evil smirk down pat.



I'm tempted to just link you directly to Cici's story page and suggest that you read them all. But that would be lazy, right?

The Adventures of Hopalong Peter Rated NC-17. Spike and Xander go to Vegas. With Peter. Who is a wind-up, walking penis. No, really. Also, the ice cream shop/sex toy store really does exist. Sort of. I've been there. It's not in Vegas, though...

"Okay, Spike. Tell me again why we absolutely, positively had to go to Las Vegas right now?" Xander was curled into the passenger seat of his 'I'm an adult now' sedan, thinking about how the manufacturer of this car didn't tell you that it shook alarmingly once you went more than ninety miles per hour. He'd let Spike drive. Why had he done that?

Chocolate Hurricane. Rated NC-17. Xander receives a mysterious package of his favourite candy bars *ever*. Then things start getting a leeeetle weird. Hot and plotty and funny.

He stood there, body stock-still while his brain did little ice skating school figures. Spike. Sex. Well, hand-body-penis contact anyway. Oh. God. Distantly, Xander could hear the buzzing in his ears, and he knew he was shaking, but he was too far away to do anything about it. What finally jolted him back to awareness was the feeling of his teeth clacking against frozen chocolate. He stood by the freezer, gnawing on a fresh out of the icebox Chocolate Hurricane. Oh yes, that was much better.

Colors Not Found In Nature. Rated NC-17. Lovely silly spanking smut.

Some psychologist somewhere would have a field day with the implications of this little game, he was sure. It didn't work for them if Spike just came out and asked for it. Strangely enough, when it was Xander's turn to be a bad boy, all he had to do was say, "Hey, spank me?" Spike, though, he had to annoy Xander enough to put some sting behind it. Maybe Xander admired that creamy pale but masculine tush a tad too much to want to smack it. Most of the time. Maybe.

Love's Bitch. Rated NC-17. Absolutely beautiful have-you-tried-this-could-we-babble-blush fisting story. Gee, no, this recs page isn't a gallery of my kinks. Why do you ask?

The motion pulls him up on my hand, and his body locks tight around me and oh God. So hot and sweet and his tears taste like London rain and he's mine. Every bit.

Muddy Waters. Rated NC-17. There's this rainstorm, see, and this mud puddle, and Spike pisses Xander off one too many times. Naked rainwashing, consensual voyeurism, do-it-yourself smut....

"You're going down." Xander lunged and Spike teetered, and they did indeed go down, both of them. Splat. The rain just kept coming too, and it turned into a mud-wrestling match as they tried to untangle from each other. All they were missing were the string bikinis and the beer swilling audience.

Oh, hell, just go to her story page.



Stranger Things. Rated NC-17. One of the early pivotal S/X series. Spike makes a deal to rescue Xander -- but when it becomes more, the chip becomes a problem. Spike has an interesting solution -- Angel. A youngish-written Xander for his actual age, and replete with stuff we now consider fanon, (though this story was likely the original source for some of it) -- but the sex is hot, the lurrve is sweet, and there's *lots* of it. Will keep you up all night, and you'll go to bed happy at 5 a.m.

"W-what kind of a deal ?" "Well," the vampire took hold of Xander's hands and held them up against the wall. "We could maybe consider one where I get to do *this*, now and again." With that Spike pushed Xander hard into the brickwork, devouring his mouth in a bruising kiss.


Evil Willow and CrazyEvilDru

Chance Encounters: Version Spike/Xander
Chance Encounters: Version Xander/Spike

Rated NC-17. These two stories are steeped gently in fanon and bdsm cliche and general cheese, and told in an odd and sometimes eyebreaking format of different colored text for alternating Spike and Xander 1st person POV. And I don't care. They're hot as hell, and I love them to pieces. Bite me. Or, you know, read them. The first is set during Xander's post S3 road trip; Spike asks for a private dance. The sequel is S4 basement-buddies territory.

So... Spike is in the crowd and taunting me with a ... I squint to see it. A fifty. What do I do, now? Other than scream and run. Because I'm thinking that might be way too conspicuous.


Goddess Diana

Just Say Something. Rated NC-17. Deeply poetic fisting. No, seriously.

His hand stills. I open my eyes and look at him, cursing, but stop as soon as I see his expression. His other hand was stroking up and down my chest, not enough to distract me, but enough to sooth the torn edges of my begging. I had expected to see more amusement at my pleading, or curiosity, but instead I see wonder.


James Walkswithwind and Wolfling

Sands of Time. Rated NC-17. AU series in which Xander escapes an abusive home early in high school, is adopted by Giles, and starts a relationship with Spike. Non-chipped, Season 2 Spike. Things get...complicated.

There had to be easier ways to indulge this sudden death wish he seemed to have acquired. Sleeping with a vampire. That was bad enough, but he couldn't just pick any old run of the mill vampire, he had to pick the worst of the bunch. William the Bloody. Though somehow Spike lost some of that aura of danger when he was moaning Xander's name and arching up into his hand...


Julia the Younger

We're Not Gay. We're Just Friends. Who Have Sex.. Rated NC-17. Xander and Spike bond. And unbond. And figure out somewhere along the way that okay, maybe they are. This series bounces back and forth between hilarious, angsty, and blisteringly hot.

"Not knocking it. Not trying it. Very happy with the not trying," I say. I sound convincing yeah? Hello, heterosexual here. Healthy collection of porn? Poster of Angeline Jolie? Breasts. Breasts are good. Very much into breasts.



Discoveries and Discovered. Rated NC-17. Plain old coming out fic, and its sequel. But it's the writing, the setting, the characters, the sex. Yeah. Very early S/X, in the short history of the 'ship, but if you missed these back then, don't miss them now.

Every time a man leaned over the bar toward him, trying to engage him in more intimate conversation, Xander would grin, shake his head amusedly, and point one finger upwards.

The next time he did it, Spike followed the line of his finger, and finally saw the sign hanging over the bar.

*Please Don't Cruise The Bartender*



Play Pretend. Rated NC-17. A heady, dreamy, twisted little Halloween dance-club PWP.

Hands cradled his hips, chest pressed against his back, breath on his neck, hardness grinding into his ass. He moved in tandem, pressing back with a wanton abandon that felt totally natural. Here was someone who understood the need to dance, to move, to just be.



The Secret. Rated R. (Possibly NC-17?) This is a "Xander's a stripper and Spike happens along..." story, which you may have noticed aren't exactly rare in S/X-fandom. The amusing twist in this one, though, revolves around Xander's costume. And that's all I'm going to say. ;-) Could benefit from a beta, but still quite readable and fun.

Xander had exactly five minutes until he was due on stage. This would be a good time to panic.



How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Rated NC-17. Lovely snarky PWP car-sex. Xander is a pretzel. Really.

Let them ask, now. Alexander, how did you spend your summer vacation? Well, Miss, I spent most of it sleeping in a car older than you, pressed into the upholstery by a body the likes of which you've never even dreamed of. On the road, going anywhere and nowhere, and fucking like bunnies on the way there.


Michelle (Shelly)

Hot Showers and Cold Baths. Rated NC-17. Xander is caught in a rainstorm. Spike is caught relaxing at Giles. Then the power goes out. Brief, cute smut.

"Edy's dreamery icecream! No! This is *not* how a vampire should spend a relaxing evening! This is how Willow and *Tara* spend a relaxing evening!"

Mafia! A Spike and Xander Love Story. Rated NC-17. Oh, bwhahahaha. AU, sendup of the Godfather genre, with Spike and Xander as Romeo and Romeo.

"What's wrong with *your* dad?"

Spike snickered. "It's a secret."

"Really? Tell you *my* secret if you tell me *yours*"

Spike lifted up his head to look in soul-deep brown eyes. He grinned. "Okay. But you're not gonna believe me."

It's An Adventure. Rated NC-17. Spike and Xander head on a road-trip to L.A. Just... You'll chortle until you choke. With a side-order of Spike/Angel and lots of sire-baiting.

"You *kissed* me! And now you're *naked*! Why the *hell* are you naked?"

"I'm seducing you, Xander. Get with the program, pet."



Early Evening

Rated PG-13. The basement... with a twist.

Xander moved to the end of the couch, as far as possible from the vamp. "Next rule: no touching. Followed by no sitting on my side of the couch. See?" Xander drew an imaginary line down the center of the middle cushion. "Three cushions, one and one half each. Comprende?"

Knock on Wood. Rated PG-13. Xander unwittingly causes a terrible tragedy. In the weeks afterward, as he and Willow both try to deal with their changed lives, he discovers the possibility of the world getting better, just a little, with Spike. A sweet, sad, hopeful, and very well-characterised story.

Xander looked up slowly, his face a mixture of confusion, despair and bemusement. "What the hell is that?"


"Are you comforting me?"

Spike withdrew his hand quickly. "No! I mean… well, I don't know, I just want you to shut your yap and go back to sleep so I can watch cartoons."


Robin the Crossover Junkie

Paper Anniversary. Rated NC-17. Smut, smut, schmoop, smut, and oh yeah, some smut. A PWP of the happily kinky kind.

By the end of the night, he had every intention of having screamed his vocal chords to hell, and having Spike in the same predicament.


Saber Shadowkitten

Brass Knackers. Rated NC-17. It starts off as a challenge -- can't lose face in front of Spike. It becomes something more.

Spike's eyes narrowed. "I wasn't the only git who was fucked."

"Hmm, you got a point there." Xander tapped his chin in a mock-thought. "Well, I can chalk it up to wanting to show you that you can't mess with me. What's your excuse?"

The Dark Cavalier. Rated NC-17. Crossover (of sorts) with Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Death takes an apprentice -- Xander.

"It's a date," Xander said with a wink. "Speaking of dates and things to do on them," he glanced up at Death, "may I have sex with Spike?"

Seeking Satisfaction. Rated R. Very short, quietly hot domination scene.

Power was the game, and the longer he waited the more he had over the blond vampire.



Lacrimosa. Rated NC-17. Pretty when you... You get the picture.

Those noises... they almost made him smile... he sounded like he was being fucked. Slowly. Tiny quiet sounds on the edge of his breath. Not even coming from him. He'd never made such pretty little noises.



Decisions. Rated NC-17. Three separate (yet similarly timed -- end of Season 5) vignettes: Xander/Spike, Riley/Graham, Lindsey/Angel. Stark, snarky, and ultimately touching POV's from Xander, Riley, and Lindsey. Riley's, believe it or not, is the heartbreaking one.

Xander hates Spike. He thinks.




Post-Grad. Rated NC-17. Very possibly the first X/S ever. Xander tries to leave it all behind; Spike decides he wants Xander to stay. They make a deal. A month. Things happen. Dark and disturbing, sharply funny, hot as fuck.

Xander flushed pretty much to his toes, shook his head angrily, and tried to figure out the international sign for "please hold my dick while I piss in some handy yet disposable container and don't start jerking me off or sucking me or biting me --"


The Webrain (Te, Debchan, and the Spike)

Night Watch. Rated NC-17. Still the hottest Spike/Xander PWP ever. Sticky and sweaty and snarky and cringingly embarrassing and achingly beautiful.

Somewhere right after that thought, Xander realizes he's forgotten all about falling back to sleep and is instead listening with unnatural, maybe even perverse, intensity to the sound of his undead houseguest jerking off. Still just as slow. Maybe not even jerking off. More like caressing. Fondling. Like it feels *good*, so good it can't be rushed.

And suddenly Xander wants to see.


Days of Our Unlives. Spike/Angel. Rated NC-17. Jello. Riverdance. Sex in the fountain.

Predatorial instincts at the fore. The dusty battle lines, the smell of steeds and steel and leather. The clanging sounds of swords and the swoosh of whips in the still night air. The harsh, guttural cry of a fallen foe. The blood is spilled. Let the games begin!

``Hey! Ponce, you gonna spin that damn thing or just stare at it til it grows wings?``

All right. So the battle ground is a plastic sheet covered in multi-colored circles, and the weapons of choice are a little spinny wheel and our limbs. And the prize is....I`m not entirely sure, something about getting naked. I`m very drunk, damnit, and it made sense when he suggested it!


The Clockwork Vampire. Rated NC-17. Angel Season 1, if Spike had come to Angel, instead of Buffy. This is what made me decide I wanted to write a series. Blame Sam. It's all her fault.

As Spike shivered again, Angel lay down on the bed and pulled him into an embrace he hadn't felt in more than a century. He ignored the frantic questions his mind raised and lay his head on the pillow, relishing the feeling of being needed, taking the comfort.

This wasn't expected.

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